GGHA Fair Play Policy (Georgina Girls Hockey Association)

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Fair play policy will take effect with both the House League and Development Stream (DS) programs.  The reasoning behind this policy is to ensure all players have an equal opportunity to participate in playing and developing their hockey skills – regardless of their skill level.


The prime reason of the fair policy is stated above, however, it also includes:

  • Teaching and promoting team work
  • Supporting all team members
  • Teaching that winning is not the primary goal of house league and DS hockey
  • Creating an enjoyable environment so that the player looks forward to both practices and games


Fair Play DOES NOT include:

  • Shortening the bench so that stronger players receive additional or longer shifts
  • Putting players on the ice out of rotation (please see below for line-up rules)
  • Any other tactics that might limit the opportunities of weaker players in favour of stronger players.


Line-Up Rules

# Skaters # Forwards # Defence
15 9 (3 lines) 6 (3 lines)
14 9 (3 lines) 5 (rotate)
13 8 (rotate) 5 (rotate)
12 8 (rotate) 4 (2 lines)
11 7 or 6 (rotate) 4 or 5 (rotate)
10 6 (2 lines) 4 (2 lines)
9 6 (2 lines) 3 (rotate)
8 5 (rotate) 3 (rotate)



When does Fair Play policy apply:

  • All house league and DS teams in all divisions
  • All games (regular season, playoff games, tournaments)
  • Entire duration of the game, including any over time
  • Even if the other team is not following the fair play policy


Who is Responsible for promoting Fair Play

The answer is “everybody”, including the coaches, trainers, team mangers, parents, players and convenors.